The 2009 Digital Transition

Only full-power channels are converting to Digital on June 12, 2009.

Cocola Broadcasting low power TV stations do not have to convert to digital at that time. The date for Low Power conversion has not been set by the FCC. Viewers who have recently purchased new TV sets have both analog and digital tuners so they will continue to receive all our stations with no problem.

For those viewers that have older analog only sets they will have to purchase a digital converter box with "analog pass thru" capability. With this "pass-thru" box they will continue to watch our Low Power TV stations.

The manufacturers have indicated that these models are capable of passing analog signals through to the TV set :

-   Alpha Digital AT2016

-   Apex DT250

-   APEX DT502

-   APEX DT500

-   CASTi CAX-02

-   CRAIG CVD506

-   Digital Stream DX8700

-   Digital Stream DSP7700T

-   Digital Stream DTX9950 (Radio Shack)

-   DISH Network DTVPal

-   Echostar TR40

-   Goodmind DTA1100

-   Jiuzhou DTT9001

-   Magnavox TB-100MG9

-   Philco TB100HH9

-   Philco TB150HH9

-   RCA DTA800B1

-   Skardin DTR-0727L

-   Tatung TDB3001

-   Ventura STB7766G1


-   Zentech EZTV DF2000L


If you currently subscribe to Cable or Satellite, there is nothing you need to do.

For more information, please visit

FCC 388 DTV Consumer Education Quarterly Activity Report


FCC 387 DTV Transition Status Report

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