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1. You may or may not need an inside or outside antenna. It depends upon your line-of-sight relationship to, and the distance from, the television station. Cocola Broadcasting Companies’ stations broadcast from surrounding mountaintops which gives Valley residents sharp and clear pictures. Many viewers report they receive our stations perfectly without any antenna at all, not even "rabbit ears."

2. Be prepared to refer to the owner’s manual for your particular set. If an antenna is necessary, connect it to the back of the TV set.


3. If using an indoor loop, bowtie or "rabbit ears," connect directly to the UHF or VHF terminals on your TV set.


4. You can also receive Over the Air Television even if you are connected to a cable or satellite system. Cable viewers should consult their cable company and local electronics store for specific directions. Satellite subscribers should contact their provider for information regarding the best way to receive Over the Air Television.

Select and install your antenna properly

CEA's antenna mapping program,, will help you determine the proper outdoor* antenna to use in order to receive your local television broadcast channels.

Whether the antenna you want is for use with a home satellite system, high-definition television (HDTV) or a traditional analog set, this site, based on geographical maps and signal strengths, will show you what you need to know to buy the right antenna.

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    What stations can I receive where I live using an antenna?

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